• Automatic Sync
    No manual effort required to sync. Any changes on one address book, will automatically be synced with other contact sources.
  • Clean your address book(De-duplication)
    CYNCZ uses innovative algorithms to automatically de-duplicate your address book data, whether it is your mobile, or email, or CRM address book, or even your social network addresses.
  • No-Risk(Roll back to original version)
    CYNCZ provides worry-free address sync. You can roll back to your address book to any previous state. You can also change your address book to “pre-CYNCZ” state by just a click of a button.
  • Freedom of choice(Choose what you sync)
    CYNCZ allows you to create rules and choose what contact data from what contact source you want to sync.
More than '54,846,957' contacts sync'ed and managed by CYNCZ.

User Reviews

I lost my phone but didn't loose any of my contact information, I could get all my address book restored by simply attaching my new device to CYNCZ.

Alicia, MD

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